Design and Build Services and Building Work in Epsom | The Benefits of Brick and Stone

With specialist expertise in brickwork and natural stone work, we understand the benefits offered by brick and natural stone and what makes them ideal for various building projects. Below, we explain some of these benefits so customers in Epsom and the surrounding areas can make informed decisions. Stone & Brick Construction Ltd undertakes design and build services for property extensions, property renovations and other building work, working with domestic and trade customers.

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Brick has been one of the most popular construction materials for centuries and it remains a first choice for design and build work, including new builds, property extensions, walls and other structures.

Advantages of using bricks in building work include:

Most brickwork in Epsom and Surrey lasts for many years without the need for professional maintenance. However, as brickwork ages and suffers weathering, you may need bricklayers to carry out repointing work. Stone & Brick Construction offers this as a dedicated restoration service and as part of property renovations.


Natural stone has many of the same benefits as brick. For example, it is strong and durable. Stone is also versatile and, as part of our natural stone work, we use it in our design and build services to create walls, pond surrounds, patios and other hardscape features. Stone can even be used in the construction of houses and property extensions, offering a traditional style which is visually stunning.

It is important to bear in mind that characteristics vary between different types of stone. Our team in Epsom can help find the perfect material for your project.

A key benefit of using natural stone in building work is that it comes in a wide range of tones and colours, providing unique character and a stunning aesthetic. Furthermore, colours and patterns won’t wear away like the finishes on synthetic materials can.

Like brickwork, stonework will need minor repairs over the years to keep it stable and ensure it performs as expected. The bricklayers at Stone & Brick Construction can provide repointing, repairs, cleaning, replacements and restoration for existing stonework. Where needed, we offer these natural stone works alongside wider property renovations.

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